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1pair Luminous Shoelaces Men Women Sports Shoes Laces Glow In The Dark Night Shoestrings Reflective Shoelaces for Kid Sneakers

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  • Description

    100% brand new and high quality.
    fluorescent shoelaces
    these shoelaces are designed with pure pattern, ideally for sneakers, sports shoes, etc.
    with plastic tip for easy insertion into hole for fastening.
    a great replacement term for your old shoelaces.

    material: Polyester
    Color: pink, green, yellow, white, blue, sky blue
    length: Approx. 100cm and 120cm
    package Includes:
    1 Pair Luminous shoelace

    They need to absorb light through sunlight, lights, flashlights, or even moving screens.
    After 30 minutes of light absorption, they emit light for about 4-5 hours.
    The stronger the light, the better.
    (You can also add a note to the order to tell us your questions and requirements)

    This shoelace does not require batteries only heat energy that can be luminous, not hurt the body, not pollute the environment.

    This shoelace is a special process before use need to use some light to make the shoelace night light.

    Before use, please place the shoelace: the sun or light can also use cell phone LED lights below the irradiation for 10 minutes can

    Shoe laces to light up the whole need a whole strip are under the light, if only part of the irradiation, then only the irradiated part will be light.

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