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Cashmere coat 2022 new women's mid-length autumn and winter high-end Hepburn style alpaca wool wool coat women

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    GAO’s gorgeous new year shirt!It’s my self-retained payment!

    The black body looks like a black swan queen. I am reluctant to take it off when taking photos.

    The whole piece reveals a large sweater-style warm and lazy style!

    There seems to be oneVelvet feeling like mink

    It is the quality that Gao JI Suli can have.! Scarce and expensive!

    Large lapel without buckle design, a belt is tied to the waist,Collar bead needle

    In addition, there is no other decoration, which makes you feel amazing at the moment.

    It is so beautiful!

    100% Suli alpaca wool

    Long fluffy hair, abundant roots, visible to the naked eye

    Raw materials come from young alpaca on the mountain,Finished product color is comparable”Small fur “!

    The price of one meter fabric is 3-5 times that of ordinary Su Li velvet!!

    What I ordered isOriginal velvet color base embryo,I dyed black and white

    White processing requirements are very high, the whole workshop needs to be clear, extremely delicate!

    The upper body of the two colors is of different temperament, black is more domineering, full of temperament

    White is very graceful and elegant, depending on personal preferences!



    Waist circumference

    Shoulder width

    Sleeve length

    Clothing length



















    The whole is straight H-shaped, loose mid-length

    The drop-shoulder profile is very inclusive, and it is comfortable to wear and makes me look slimmer

    Large lapel design, lengthening the body line and showing temperament, there is a loose and lazy smell

    The placket has no buckle, only with one long belt of the same material

    Collar edge placket made GAO grade bead needle craft,Imported machine thread bead needle

    The cost price of a roll of silk thread is hundreds of yuan.

    This is Max’s usual process method., Big/brand special technique!

    Because bead edge technology requires high machine requirements

    I spent a lot at the beginning of the year to purchase several high JI devices.

    However, because the daily output of each machine is not high, there is YI fixed cycle.

    Design of sewing bags on both sides of the coat, hands are pocket warm and have an aura

    The whole piece is fully lined, will be more stylish, same color twill fiber lining

    jing’s small briefs inner bag decoration,It is only a professional design of gao suit

    Just to highlight the details, pay attention to jing’s sense

    The whole version is simple without extra lines.Hand-stitched hem

    The hem of about 1 meter long is all stitched by the old handmade aunt.

    No thread ends can be seen,This kind of craftsmanship that has always been adhered to in Gao Ding’s clothing

    The machine yong is far from being replaced, and the upper body is really very elegant

    Graceful walk, low-key, clean and not boring!

    Black is needless to say, white is a kind of stunning feeling in winter

    The pursuit of high quality baby really don’t miss it!

    Long fur is fluffy and shiny, and feels good

    The feeling of Tricholoma visible to the naked eye is well known as “small fur!

    Same color twill fiber lining, full lining process is more stylish

    jing to inner edging, the routing is even, and the details are very exquisite

    jing Zhismall briefs inner bag, high-end suit craft

    Handmade, increase tonality, and do not lose the modeling feeling of DA brand

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