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PURC New Hair Growth Products Ginger Regrowth Serums Polygonum Multiflorum Hair Loss Treatment Hair Care for Men Women

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  • Description

    PURC 2023 Newly upgraded 50ml hair growth essence

    1+4+6 new upgrade for anti-hair loss and stimulating growth

    1 week Anti-hair loss

    4 weeks hair growth

    6 hair loss problems improvement

    Have you ever been troubled by the following 6 major hair loss problems?

    Unstoppable decrease in hair volume

    seborrheic alopecia

    receding hairline

    hair gap widening

    hair fall out

    postpartum hair loss

    Alopecia areata

    Hair loss is not a single problem and cannot be solved in isolation

    PURC Anti Hair Loss and Hair Growth Serum

    Anti-hair loss

    Hair growth

    Superficial Scalp Care

    Deep Hair Follicle Maintenance

    Ordinary Hair Serum

    hair growth only

    Infinite vicious circle of hair loss while growing hair

    Select refined ingredients to create extraordinary effects

    2% Kopyrrol + Ginger Root + Polygonum multiflorum

    Three-in-one powerful combination to prevent hair loss and growth in all aspects

    Double protein*

    Double care for scalp and hair


    Balance the micro-ecological barrier of the scalp and improve scalp inflammation


    Oil control, 48 hours continuous fluffy

    *Double protein refers to keratin, hydrolyzed yeast protein

    10 W+ Experience Officers acknowledged the anti-hair loss effect, confidence is guaranteed!

    1~6 bottles

    Reduced hair loss

    6~10 bottles

    Hair grows naturally and thickens day by day

    10~20 bottles

    Hair follicle scalp health

    Hair stays strong*

    *It refers to the fact that the hair does not fall due to other abnormal reasons except for the natural fall of the hair growth cycle so that the hair is firm and does not fall out.

    After 5 years of careful research and development, first experiment and then produce

    The effect is visible to the naked eye

    Scalp hair condition under a microscope before use

    thinning hair

    Unhealthy scalp and hair follicles

    Scalp hair condition under a microscope after use

    thick and lush

    Repair scalp and hair follicles back to a healthy state

    Consumers personally tested and witnessed the hard-core anti-falling

    99%+ agree

    Hair loss gradually decreases

    97%+ agree

    thicker hair

    90%+ agree

    Narrowing of the hairline and hair gaps

    92%+ agree

    healthy head skin

    95%+ agree

    Hair stays fluffy

    *The data comes from brands and partner organizations. It is the self-evaluation results of 60 consumers aged 18-45 after using PURC Anti Hair Loss and Hair Growth Serum. The actual effect varies from person to person.

    How to use:

    Method 1:

    Step 1: After shampooing, blow dry your hair until it is half dry

    Step 2: Put an appropriate amount of essence onto the scalp and drip it onto the scalp

    Step 3: Gently massage the scalp with your fingertips to promote the absorption of the essence.

    Method 2:

    Put an appropriate amount of essence on the scalp and drop it on the scalp, and gently massage the scalp with your fingertips to promote the absorption of the essence.

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