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The new 2022 long sleeve 5 high-grade commercial mulberry silk shirts men's cultivate one's morality shirt male XS – 6 xl

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  • Description

    The new  pure color long sleeve high-grade commercial mulberry silk silk shirts men’s cultivate one’s morality shirt male XS – 6 xl

    19 m blockbuster silk stretch satin, are the limits of real silk fabrics is shirt, quality sense, big feeling is very obvious. Classic minimalist design, low-key costly! Inside take wear are very give prize, the entire season is indispensable.

    Thickness: thin sleeve length: long sleeve article number: CB000238 type: standard collar type: party led colors: green, white navy dark pink The light blue Purple size: XS 4 XL 5 XL 6 XL S M L XL 2 XL 3 XL fabrics classification: silk brand: other/other material: silk silk content: more than 95% of the time to market: in 2016 for scene: daily for seasons: spring foundation style: business gentleman style segment: business casual fabric features: soft luster design: the pure color

    Size,                       XS,             S,              M,              L,            XL,           XXL,          3XL,           4XL,            5XL,              6XL

    Length,                 71.5 cm,    72.5 cm,   73.5 cm,     74.5 cm,   75.5 cm,   76.5 cm,   77.5 cm,     78.5 cm,    79.5 cm,      80.5 cm

    Chest,                  93 cm,        97 cm,      101cm        105 cm,    109 cm,    113 cm,    117 cm,       121 cm,    125 cm,       129 cm

    Shoulder width,    43 cm,       44 cm,       45 cm,         46 cm,      47 cm,      48 cm,      49 cm,         50 cm,      51 cm            52 cm

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    Silk and health:

    Since ancient times, there are “silk silk Queen” of good reputation. In modern times, people give it a “healthy fiber”, “health care fiber” laudatory name. Therefore, the silk fiber health function is not any fiber can not be compared, alternative. Silk contains 18 kinds of amino acids necessary for human body, contain amino acids of human skin with not much difference between. It is human “second skin” the laudatory name. To wear silk clothes, not only can prevent ultraviolet radiation, preventing harmful gas invasion, resistance to harmful bacteria, but also can enhance the surface activity of skin cells, promote skin cells the new supersedes the old. At the same time, has a good role of adjuvant therapy for some skin diseases. In addition, because of the special moisture absorption and permeability, and regulate body temperature, regulating the role of water.

    Must wear mulberry silk underwe

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